Birth & Postpartum Doula Services, Childbirth Education, Lactation Support, & Placenta Encapsulation for Families Beyond and in Between 

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Is a Birthkeepeer right for you?

If you are looking for a low intervention, non-medicated birth, welcoming a birthkeeper into your birth space is a great idea. Birthkeepers are known for holding the sacred wisdom of birthing naturally. With an understanding of the natural physiology of birth, we can help you navigate unplanned situations, provide reassurance for the different variations of normal you may experience, and help you follow your intuition when making decisions. You will feel empowered as  you give birth and care for your healthy and happy baby.  

As a birthkeeper and doula Cheyenne attends a variety of births; hospital, home, or birthcenter. 

What is Matrescence? 

Simply put, the birth of a mother. Matrescence is the transition into motherhood. The psychological changes, the physiological changes, the changes our overall brain chemistry experiences as we transition into this new phase in our lives.  

It is important to feel like you are not alone, know that others have felt what you have felt, understand that mothers and parents are going through the same situations and experiencing the same new and sometimes scary feelings that you are feeling. 

Cheyenne offers services to make these changes feel manageable and ensure that you are not alone during this transition. These include local prenatal and postpartum support groups, breastfeeding support sessions, and postpartum doula services.


I think I might want an epidural, should I still hire a doula?

Absolutely! Just because you have opted for an epidural or other interventions does not mean you do not get to be an active participant in your birth or build the birth team of your dreams. After an epidural, doulas can help you stay active by changing positions, encouraging the use of a peanut ball, moral support, and the list goes on. We will also be there to encourage a good start to breastfeeding and ensure your post-birth needs are still being met. 

I can't afford a doula, how can I pay for services?

Getting on a payment plan with your doula as soon as you can will help decrease your monthly budget to help pay for services. Reduced fees may be available to low income families. Add a doula fund to your birth registry. Fund from a health savings account can be applied to the cost of services. Bartering services. Prioritize what is important for your birth.

Should I hire a midwife or a doula?

Hire both! A midwife and a doula have some overlapping responsibilities but your midwife will be the one you turn to for medical care. Your doula will be by your side for physical comfort, emotional, and educational support. 

Service Area

I travel within 75 miles of my home for birthkeeping and placenta services in western/central Oklahoma. 

Accommodations may be made in special circumstances if you are outside my usual service area.

I am still building parts of my page! If you have any questions about my services please feel free to reach out. Thanks! 

"I’m so thankful for my birth doula! She was so supportive during my labor. I’m so happy to have had her by my side! I labored for 18 hours and for 14 of those hours I was unmedicated. She was so supportive throughout my experience and made sure I was comfortable. "